The next two in our player profiles come from a chap who thinks he might learn how to hurl this year and from a fella who thinks  warming up before a match is for fools!  Liam Kelly and David Byrne, take a bow!




1) Name: Liam Kelly

2) D.O.B: 10/08/1991

3) Favourite Food: Pizza

4) Favourite pastime outside sport: Tinder

5) Favourite TV Programme: Criminal Minds

6) 3 people you would invite to dinner: Willie O Dea, Jordan Belford and Chantel Zales.

7) Sporting hero: Roy Keane

8) If you could attend any sporting event what would it be? The 1994 Castletown Donkey Derby

9) Best advice someone has given you: “Skin ‘em”

10) Biggest influence: Cristiano Ronaldo

11) Most embarrassing moment on/off the pitch: Scoring an own goal from the ball bouncing off my face and getting beaten by Oulart in football all in the one day.

12) Superstitions or match day routines: Can’t have my boots or socks feeling too tight.

13) Favourite Ballyhogue player both past and present. Kojak Kennedy
Why? That wand of a left boot.

14) Best Ballyhogue game you saw/played in. The u21 extra time district final win against the Duffry Rovers. Winning a match in the way we did took character.

15) Best part of playing with Ballyhogue. Plying with the same lads you grew up and went to school with.

16) Hopes for the season ahead. The slight possibility of learning how to hurl.

17) What team do you look forward to playing against? Glynn. Every time.

18) Most important skill in hurling/football. Decision making.

19) Advice to younger players. Take each game as it comes.

20) One to watch: Declan Power. A Goliath under the high ball


Name: David ‘Daithi’ Byrne
DOB: 4/7/1994
Position: Corner Back
Occupation: Stable Jockey
Favourite Dinner: Roast Beef
Favourite pastime other than sport: Sleeping
Favourite TV Programme: Sons of Anarchy
3 people you’d invite to dinner: Rita Ora, Mila Kunis and Mylie Roche
Sporting Hero: AP Mc Coy
If you could attend any sporting event what would it be: Ladies Beach Volleyball… anywhere
Best advice you have been given: Don’t pull out!
Most embarrassing moment on/off the pitch: Collapsing in the barbers…Taken!!
Superstitions or match day routines: Have a fag in the warm up.
Favourite BH player Past and Present: Past- Owen Byrne- Best Sub ever! Some team player! Present- Mylie Roche- an inspiration!
Best BH game you ever saw/played in: Winning the Junior Football Co. Final last year!
Best part about playing with BH: Sessions, sessions and more sessions!
Hopes for the season: A few more sessions
What team are you looking forward to playing most: Davidstown, plenty of shots there!
Most important skill in hurling/football: Being able to hold your fags in your shorts.
Advice to younger players: Listen!
One to watch: Dutchy

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