So you can get to know our adult players better we have come up with a little Q and A to help. Here are the first two with Intermediate goalkeeper Myles ‘Mylie’ Roche, and Enda ‘Stumpy’ Byrne


1) Name: Myles Roche

2) D.O.B: 3rd Sept. 1990

3) Favourite Food: Steak or chicken curry

4) Favourite pastime outside sport: Cars, going to the cinema and a few pints!!

5) Favourite TV Programme: Breaking Bad and Top Gear

6) 3 people you would invite to dinner: Brian O Driscoll, Megan Fox and Jeremy Clarkson.

7) Sporting hero: Roy Keane

8)If you could attend any sporting event what would it be? Champions League Final or Mayweather/Pacquiao fight this weekend

9) Best advice someone has given you: Dont mind what others think, as long as you give your best thats what matters the most.

10) Biggest influence: The family

11) Most embarrassing moment on/off the pitch: Letting in 7 goals in a game against Shamrocks underage, prob minor or u21, never forget it.

12) Superstitions or match day routines: None atal, just take each game as it comes.

13) Favourite Ballyhogue player both past and present. Why? Past: Sean O Neill surely counts as past by now, always performed well in games and his screams and shouts during a match are missed. Present: Noel Roche, can change a game at anytime, speed merchant.

14) Best Ballyhogue game you saw/played in. Best game I saw was junior b hurlers winning county final. Few games i played in were good, some we lost and some we won but for me it has to be semi final against St.James in Wexford Park even doh we lost by a few points.

15) Best part of playing with Ballyhogue. Playing with all the lads that I grew up with since we started from underage and the shite talk on a night out after a match in the pub.

16) Hopes for the season ahead. Hopefully get to a final in either football or hurling. Getting back to senior would be some achievement in football.

17) What team do you look forward to playing against? St. James and Glynn, few games in the past fee years have been entertaining and tough.

18) Most important skill in hurling/football. First touch in hurling prob the most important, and in football been able to kick with both feet, always gets you out of trouble.

19) Advice to younger players. Enjoy playing the game

20) One to watch: Football: Shane Doyle, wexford minor captain says it all. Hurling: Enda “Stumpy” Byrne, some man to burst lads at training and can rattle the net if given the chance.



Name: Enda ‘Stumpy’ Byrne

DOB: 14/9/95

Position: Benchwarmer

Occupation: Kitchen Fitter

Favourite food: All food! I’m not picky!

Favourite pastime outside sport: Drinking

Favourite TV Programme: Match of the Day

3 people you would invite to dinner: Marty Morrissey, Nadia Forde and Joe ‘JB’ Byrne

Sporting Hero: Mick Parker

If you could attend any sporting event what would it be: Foxy Boxing

Best advice someone has given you: Don’t warm up or you’ll be beat before the match

Biggest Influence: My paycheque!!

Most embarrassing moment on/off the pitch: Dropping the ball in last year’s u21 final and letting in a goal.. We lost….

Superstitions or match day routines: Go to mass the night before

Favourite player past or present: Past – Kojak, wicked left foot but no right one to his name! Present- Mick Parker, real role model for the chaps

Best Ballyhogue game you ever saw/played in: Junior B hurling Co. Final

Best part of playing with Ballyhogue: Playing with the fellas you grew up with

Hopes for the season: Get off the bench for more than 5 minutes

Team most looking forward to playing: Davidstown, plenty of shots.

Most important skill in football/hurling: your brain

Advice to younger players: Never miss training, training is where the matches are won!

One to watch: Me and my managerial career!

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